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I have broad interests in Control related areas and Unmanned Vehicles based applications. With a background in flight dynamics and control, the majority of my research encompasses Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs), and their applications in different fields. Research activities in this area have led to another part of my work, which is about Bayesian filtering and sensor fusion, to provide a better situation awareness for unmanned vehicles and to extract useful information from the data collected by unmanned vehicles. Recently, I have been developing some new research activities in intelligent mobility (e.g. ADAS) and precision agriculture.

I am also interested in providing novel control solutions for other kinds of systems. In the past, I have dealt with different systems other than unmanned vehicles. This includes a 6.6 Liter diesel engine from Caterpillar and several BLDC actuator products while I was working at Triumph.


Some interesting research videos can be found at below.  

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Flight Dynamics and Control

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Flight dynamics and control design is a fundamental area for autonomous flying of UAVs. My research in this area aims to provide advanced flight control designs, especially for UAVs with complicated dynamics and/or operated in adverse environment. 


Target Tracking and Information Fusion

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By the virtue of Bayesian filtering framework, this part of work focuses on the target tracking of nonlinear and non-Gaussian systems. By incorporating "world knowledge", such as sensor characteristics and dynamic constraints, into particle filters, the tracking or situation awareness performance can be significantly improved.


Mobile Robots

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This part of work investigate into fundamental methods, such as path planning, and sensor control, for mobile robot operating in uncertain world,



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Agri-Tech: UAV remote sensing; crop model calibration; 

CBRN response: source terms estimation and gas distribution mapping

Autonomous driving: mapping and localisation

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