Lecturing: ​
  1. TTB202 Control Engineering (module leader)

  2. TTC012 Spacecraft Engineering 

  3. TTD106 Autonomous Vehicles (module leader)

  4. TTP049 Autonomous Vehicle Systems (module leader)

  5. TTC045 Rotorcraft Engineering (2015-2018)

Final Year Projects

Each year I supervise 6-8 Final Year Projects in the Autonomous Systems Laboratory, sometimes in collaboration with other supervisors. The typical subject areas include:

  • Unmanned Aerial Vehicles

  • Autonomous Driving 

  • Target tracking and Senor fusion

  • Control and Learning technology and related applications. 

  • Mobile Robot applications

* For AAE studenets, if you would like to do your FYP in the the Autonomous Systems Laboratory or have your own project idea, please feel free to contact me.